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Our bikes

We appreciate that each person has different needs and desires for their riding experience. So to help you create the best memories of a lifetime . . . choose between the Orbea Comfort 30 – 7 speed bicycle or the Pedego Electric Bicycle.

The Orbea bikes are lightweight and designed for road and dirt surfaces with quality handling. The Pedego electric bikes give you the 20 mph power and pedal assist many of us need to get back out and enjoy cycling again . . . especially on the hills and distance.

Pedego electric bikes


A variety of routes for your enjoyment and consideration will be explained to you upon your arrival for your reservation. Available route maps will indicate what each has to offer for experiences, estimated time to complete and elevation changes. Each route has been thoughtfully chosen to offer the most enjoyable experiences that the Smokies has to offer. We are always available to help guide you into choosing the route that will provide you with the most fun and lasting memories of your ride.

a different perspective

Sometimes we all need to look at things from a different perspective. Things we see every day can take on an entirely new meaning when viewed from a new perspective – and biking provides an entirely new way to take in all the Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. Don’t settle for just seeing the Smokies, get out and experience them completely.

clOser tO nature

You can see the mountain streams from your car, but you can’t feel the cold water rushing over your feet. You’ll never hear the songbirds or smell the wildflowers from the passenger seat. To experience these things, you must be closer to them. Bike The Smokies puts you in the middle – right in the middle – of the natural wonders of the Smoky Mountains.

lifelOng memOries

When you look back in 20 years, you will remember the special moments you create today. Bike The Smokies creates lifelong memories for you, your family and your friends. Even vacations can become stressful, so we work hard to create a calm, relaxing way for you to enjoy the Smoky Mountains with those you love. You’ll treasure the experience … and create memories that will last forever.

yOur Own pace

Life is fast, and when things are moving at breakneck speeds, you miss the little things that are so important. Bike The Smokies is all about slowing down and appreciating everything that surrounds you. If you are an experienced biker, we have trails to test your limits. If you haven’t been on a bicycle in decades, we have trails that are perfect for taking it slow. Whatever your pace, Bike The Smokies has a place for you to ride at your own speed.

the smOkies are perfect fOr biking

There are very few places in this world more perfect for taking in the sites by bicycle than the Smoky Mountains. With miles of trails offering every type of terrain imaginable, it’s a wonderland for bikers. Bike The Smokies makes it easy for you to take advantage of this beautiful place and experience it in an all new way. Give us a chance to show you a completely different side of the Smokies – a side you can only experience on a bicycle.